Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood Programs

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With generous funding from the Covenant Foundation and in collaboration with The Jewish Education Project, whose mission is to spark and spread innovations that expand the reach and increase the impact of Jewish education, Areyvut has developed Giving2Gether, a creative program that engages families around chesed (kindness) and tzedekah (charity) through real-world examples, hands-on activities, and modeling behavior.

The program targets families with children ages 0-5, and helps to cultivate Jewish experiences, connect families and create more meaningful moments.  Hands on, concrete programs equally engage the parents or caregivers and the kids, and help to extend the learning to the home.  The activities are designed to be personally relevant to all participants, and are structured in a way that not only builds relationships within families, but also between families involved in the program.  The result?  A rich, Jewish, immersive experience for families with young children that translates into the home.

If you are interested in learning more about Areyvut’s Giving2Gether program, please contact Daniel Rothner at (201) 244-6702 or daniel@areyvut.org.

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