The opportunity to live the values of chesed (kindness), tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (social justice) that lie at the core of Jewish tradition and practice are often overlooked by those with good intentions who are simply focused on catching trains to work, getting kids to school on time and completing daily house chores.  Sometimes, a small reminder is all one needs to pause amidst a hectic day and think of how one small action can impact so many.

Areyvut’s Kindness a Day calendar is an accessible, relatable, unique tool that can help put these important ideals within reach so that you can easily infuse your daily life with core Jewish values.

Each month is dedicated to a theme – such as welcoming guests, expressing gratitude and doing the right thing – with each day highlighting a piece of Jewish text along with a modern interpretation, providing 365 days of meaningful and practical acts of kindness.  From walking your neighbor’s dog, to holding the door for a stranger, to paying a compliment to someone who helps you, the calendar helps inspire people to think about kindness every day, in whatever form works for each individual.

Educators use our calendars to infuse their daily lessons with personal meaning, while parents use the suggestions as a launching point within the home to promote kindness, and grandparents use the experiences to connect inter-generationally and create memorable moments.  Our calendar is a powerful tool that not only helps make the world a better place, but also forges more meaningful relationships with loved ones.

This calendar be used in many ways:

  • Gifts for friends, family, co-workers and educators
  • Your next fundraiser
  • Party favors at an upcoming celebration
  • Hospitality gifts
  • Graduation presents
  • Much, much more

Here’s what some of our recipients have had to say about the calendar:

“The calendar is filled with practical ideas for living Jewish values, tied to Jewish texts, every day.  Let your children draw you into their mitzvot.” – Yossi Prager, Executive Director for North America of The AVI CHAI Foundation

“I was delighted to receive the calendar as a gift from a mutual friend. It’s one of those gifts that not only keeps on giving but makes you into a greater Giver.  Many times that I glanced at one of the pages I was able to spot a chesed that I was able to put easily and immediately into action.  May we all be connected to hashem and to people by acts of goodness and kindness.” – Rabbi Mendel Druk, Chabad of Cancun

“This calendar embodies the universal ideals that every Jew, regardless of affiliation, should embrace. It’s a great teaching tool for schools and camps.” – Sid Singer, Chicago, IL

“What a meaningful way to greet each day, with a recognition of the work left to be done and the inspiration to go and do it! Congratulations on a wonderful idea beautifully executed!” – Peter Geffen, New York, NY

“When I was teaching at the Hebrew school I would lead every class with the Kindness a Day both to invite discussion about that particular kindness and to link to the scripture for additional insight and discussion.  I found the calendar to be an invaluable resource, and the constant reminder of kindness for my students a quietly powerful inspiration for them.” – Cindy Frank

Over 30,000 copies of Areyvut’s A Kindness a Day calendar have been used to facilitate kindness daily!  To order your Kindness a Day calendar, please click here.

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