Tikkun Olam

Ketuvot 52a — Our Rabbis taught: If a woman was taken captive and a demand was made upon her husband for as much as ten times her value, he must ransom her the first time. Subsequently, however, he ransoms her only if he desired to do so but need not ransom her if he does not wish to do so. Rabban Simon ben Gamliel said: do not ransom captives for greater than their value, because of perfecting the world.

Pirkei Avot 2:4 — Do not separate yourself from the community.

Shavuot 39a — All Israel is responsible one for the other.

Ta’anit 11a — When the community is in trouble do not say, \"I will go home and eat and drink and all will be well with me.\"…Rather, involve yourself in the community\'s distress as was demonstrated by Moses (Shmot 27:12). In this way Moses said, \"Since Israel is in trouble, I will share their burden.\" Anyone who shares a community\'s distress will be rewarded and will witness the community\'s consolation.