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A dear friend and donor of Areyvut contacted us with a request.  They feel passionately about our content and know that it can help parents, educators and grandparents meaningfully educate, engage, motivate and inspire those assembled to have meaningful conversations and to create memorable experiences.  Jews being connected to Israel and to each other is another passion of this donor.  The donor requested that when we post this Israel focused content here and on social media that we actively ask you to partner with us by sharing and disseminating this link so that we can unite Jews, amplify and exponentially expand our reach and impact.  For us and the donor, achdut, Jewish unity and global Jewry being united in connecting to Israel now is essential.  We therefore request that you actively share this with a family member, friend or colleague and encourage you to make sure your local Jewish day school, Federation, Hillel, JCC and synagogue knows about these tools and resources as a way to enhance Pesach and engage their commUNITY.  In honor of this beloved friend of Areyvut, we encourage you to use this as an opportunity to unify and unite the Jewish people throughout the world in the merit of Israel.

On Pesach we discuss and engage with questions.  To help you meaningfully engage your guests, family, students and/or congregants we have complied this new content relating to Israel.   Our thoughts are with the hostages, their families, the chayalim, those in mourning, injured and all Israelis and Am Yisrael.  This seder and Pesach must be different from any other year.  To maximize engagement and impact we encourage you to use, download and print up these resources by clicking on the downward facing arrow below and use them beyond the Seder, during Pesach and throughout the year.

Past years Pesach content is available at under Pesach.

If you gain from this content and want to partner with us to continue to actively add light to the world daily, please make a contribution at to support our resources and commUNITY efforts.

As always, we welcome your feedback and would love to hear how these impacted and added to your celebration.  E-mail us at

We wish you and yours continued health, abundant blessings, success and a Chag Kasher V’Sameach!

Pesach Conversation Starters


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