Pesach Resources 2022

We developed these resources to help you, your family, students, community and congregants enhance your Pesach.  We hope they help you actively educate, engage, motivate and inspire others to action.

On Pesach we discuss and engage with questions.  To help you meaningfully engage your family, students and/or congregants we have complied a comprehensive list of questions by theme.   The complete list of more than 450 questions is available for download at the bottom of this page.  To maximize engagement and impact we encourage you to use and download the complete list (by clicking on the downward facing arrow below) and to use the questions beyond Pesach and throughout the year.

The three infographics below is new content to help you have a meaningful chag while engaging those around your table.

If you gain from this content and want to partner with us to continue to actively add light to the world daily, please make a contribution at to support our resources and commUNITY efforts.

As always, we welcome your feedback and would love to hear how these impacted and added to your celebration.  E-mail us at

We wish you and yours continued health, abundant blessings, success and a Chag Kasher V’Sameach!


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