Life Changing Ideas from the Parsha, 5779

Monday, November 9, 2020

22 Mar Cheshvan 5781

We were deeply pained to hear that Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (HaRav Ya’akov Zvi ben David Arieh z’’l) passed away early this past Shabbat, November 7, 2020, morning, Mar Cheshvan 5781.

In 5778, Rabbi Sacks developed his Life Changing Ideas series for Covenant & Conversation, his weekly commentary on the parsha (weekly Torah portion).  In 5779, Areyvut posted those infographics weekly with the goal of educating, engaging, motivating and inspiring others every parsha and week of the year.  The impact was far reaching.

Until now we haven’t posted the Life Changing Ideas series as a complete unit.  We do so now to enable all those who wish to learn from this eloquent teacher of Torah and spokesman for Torah values within the Jewish community and beyond.  Rabbi Sacks was an intellectual giant whose unique blend of Torah scholarship, academic achievement, human sensitivity, and social awareness allowed him to speak to the issues of our times to the broadest of audiences, and he did so with courage, clarity and optimism.

Rabbi Sacks was the preeminent leader of our age, a deep thinker, a gifted orator and a prolific writer.  He was a world-renowned scholar, teacher and leader who enlightened and inspired, influenced and empowered, world Jewry, global leaders and communities throughout the world. Rabbi Sacks was a beacon of Kiddush Hashem, whose thoughtful teachings actively improved the world and invariably brought honor to the Torah and the Jewish people.  He demonstrated with eloquence and an unwavering passion the enduring importance of God and religious values in our contemporary society.

Rabbi Sacks’ unique voice, novel and insightful ideas, unfailingly relevant messages and outstanding leadership will all be sorely missed.

His legacy will continue through all the lives elevated by his teaching.

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