Kindness Club

This effort was initially developed with the goal of establishing Kindness Clubs that would meet every week of the year at nursing homes, senior center and assisted living facilities. It was supposed to be propriety and only used by facilities that paid or donated to use it. However, with COVID-19 and the Coronavirus pandemic we have decided to post it here and to disseminate it for free. We still encourage those serving seniors as well as others to use this content to establish new Kindness Clubs that meet weekly throughout the year.

The booklet includes a broad range of activities which encourage participants to actively spread kindness wherever they go. These activities have been designed to inspire real-life action and demonstrate the many ways to be kind.

We thank Shira Hammerman, Rena Ray and Talia Rapps for their help and efforts to bring this to fruition.

It would help us with future such resources to hear from you. We encourage you to contact us at with your feedback. Learning how you used this and with what audience can help us craft meaningful resources for you in the future.



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