2024 A Kindness a Day Calendar, Case of 40

Areyvut’s 2024 A Kindness a Day Calendar: 366 Ways To Make The World a Better Place

The values of chesed (kindness), tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (social action) are at the heart of Jewish life – yet it is easy to lose sight of these core Jewish values in the shuffle of our busy modern lives. The 2024 A Kindness A Day Desk Calendar puts these ideals within your reach every day, so that you can infuse daily life with kindness, charity and social action.

Each day of the calendar highlights one line of text from the Jewish tradition and suggests an act of kindness inspired by that text. The calendar is meant to serve as a guide, to stimulate thought and action in a way that is authentically meaningful for you and those around you. Each day’s suggestion is just that – a suggestion – and ultimately our hope for the calendar is that it inspires you to think about and practice kindness every day, in whatever form works for you.

The calendar’s thematic monthly structure enables in-depth, extended explorations of 12 Jewish values including Lev Tov (a good heart), L’Dor VaDor (intergenerational connection) and Ahavat HaBriyot (love of all creatures). Each month begins with a discussion and explanation of its theme, setting the tone and helping you set your intentions for the coming month.

In addition to its value for personal use, the calendar is a powerful resource for both formal and informal Jewish education. It can be used as the foundation for a diverse range of highly impactful programs in the classroom and beyond, including thematic projects based on its textual sources. The Calendar is also ideal for gifts for educators, donor recognition, swag at a conference, Bar or Bat Mitzvah giveaway or a synagogue gift shop.

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