Sukkot 5781 Virtual Chesed Day #3

October 9, 2020, 12:01 am - 11:59 pm

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If you see this after October 9, 2020, please still read and select one of the 30 ideas below and commit to doing them as the world can always use more kindness and it can positively impact you and many others. 

Every person in the world has been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a result many are not able to celebrate Chol HaMoed Sukkot the way they had hoped.  Sukkot is called Zman Simchatenu, a time of joy, happiness and celebration.  One way to experience joy is to actively bring joy to others.  Through these acts of kindness, you will impact yourself and many others.

Here is how it works:

  • Each community has different rules, regulations and restrictions.  You must follow all federal and local mandates and only select those items that meet your areas guidelines.
  • Please bear in mind that the suggestions below are just that, merely suggestions and you can come up with your own ideas as well.
  • Select an idea, two or three from the list below.
  • The list has ideas that you all able to do now safely while maintaining physical distancing, following all protocols and guidelines and while still meaningfully helping and impacting others.
  • Consider creating a Kindness Challenge – similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge- where you video you and your family doing an act of kindness and tag or mention 3 other people or families that you nominate to follow your lead.  If you do this, we suggest completing the Kindness Challenge within 3 days.  Post your video on social media and be sure to tag @Areyvut and use #KindnessChallenge or #CoronaKindness in your posts.
  • You can send any pictures or video clips to us at
  • The day is dedicated in honor of the medical staff and first responders and their herculean efforts -every day over the last six months they have been on the front lines of this pandemic- and in the merit of a speedy and complete recovery for all those currently suffering from COVID-19.
  • We encourage you to use these ideas well beyond today.

Sukkot 5781 Virtual Chesed Day #3 Ideas

  1. Fight your urge to preemptively interrupt someone who comes to you for advice. Sometimes offering a person a platform to speak is the greatest form of advice you can give them.
  2. Perform a surprise act of kindness for a neighbor. Drop off a bouquet of flowers, bake some cookies or simply roll out their garbage can on garbage day.
  3. Make an introduction. Whether it be introducing two people you think can hit it off, be great friends or work together.   What a great way to show someone you have their interest at heart.
  4. Share something positive that has happened in your life over the past week with a friend or family member. Here is the fun part, ask the person you share with to share as well.  Celebrate the happy moments.
  5. Take time today to consider your role in a conflict. It is much easier to come to a resolution when we can each own our part.
  6. Make someone laugh today. Tell a joke, share a funny story or send a funny article… Spread some joy!
  7. Make plans to do something with a friend or significant other. Taking time for fun can do a lot of good for the soul.
  8. Post something positive on someone else’s social media page. A simple kind message can bring a smile to someone’s face.
  9. Lend a skill or talent you have to someone in your life.
  10. Choose to be happy. That’s right, happiness is a choice we make each and every day and when truly achieved is never based on circumstance.
  11. Gift your favorite book to a friend who can gain from it as you have.
  12. Express your love by saying “I love you” to friends and family today.
  13. Take a midday break and head out for a walk with someone you enjoy spending time with. Be bold and leave your phones behind or place them on silent.
  14. Make the effort to genuinely compliment at least three people today.
  15. Plan a family outing.
  16. Bet on someone to succeed. Be creative.  Help someone prepare for a test, be a sounding board, share a skill.
  17. Throw a gratitude party at work, home or school. Ask people to bring along some snacks and give everyone the opportunity to go around the table and share what they are grateful for in their life.
  18. Begin each phone call and/or interaction today with a smile and a couple of kind words. We are all in a rush but there is always time for courtesy.
  19. Send someone a bouquet of flowers to brighten up their weekend.
  20. Do something today that will help strengthen your spirit.
  21. One of the simplest ways to be kind to yourself is to eat well. Be conscious of what you consume, and your body will thank you for it.
  22. Do something kind for a stranger. Offer your kindness with no strings attached and no need to be recognized.
  23. Love the world around you. Take time to pick up litter while on your walk.
  24. Surprise a stranger with a gift. You do not know what they might be going through.  From a gift card, a free coffee, or something else you think they might enjoy.
  25. Accept yourself for who you really are, faults and all.
  26. Switch the direction of a negative conversation around to something positive.
  27. Carve out time for yourself. Find something that brings you joy, whether it’s painting, reading or just sitting quietly for 10 minutes.
  28. Create a playlist for a friend who needs cheering up. That one gesture will show them you put time, effort and compassion into creating it and that you care.
  29. Put yourself in the shoes of someone you are mad at, so you can empathize with them.
  30. Take time to offer your assistance to someone who might need it.
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