February 24, 2013, All Day

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website builder Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prepare a community wide Purim seudah

Read the megilah for people who are unable to leave their homes
Create and distribute costumes for impoverished children
Bring Mishloach Manot to home-bound or hospitalized individuals
Dress up as a clown and visit with children who are ill in the hospital
Decorate tzedakah boxes and place them in community establishments, donate the proceeds to a worthy organization

Do Purim skits for residents of nursing homes and hospitals

Host a Purim party and donate the cover charge to tzedakah

Have a Purim carnival for children with special needs

Bring mishloach manot to patients in hospitals and nursing homes

Dress up in Purim costumes and visit patients at your local hospital
Donate some of the food you receive from mishloach manot to a local food pantry. 

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