Everyday Gratitude @ Innovation in Jewish Education Network Meeting

May 6, 2020, 10:00 am - 11:30 am

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As part of the Innovation in Jewish Education Network, a network of Jewish educators throughout the country that meets throughout the year under the auspices of the Jewish Education Project, Daniel Rothner, Areyvut’s Founder & Director will present a text study on Modeh Ani & Everyday Gratitude.  To extend the learning and to offer you the opportunity to explore this text and the questions with your family, friends, colleagues and community we have pasted them below.

Modeh Ani & Everyday Gratitude

מוֹדֶה אֲנִי לְפָנֶיךָ מֶלֶךְ חַי וְקַיָּם, שֶׁהֶחֱזַרְתָּ בִּי נִשְׁמָתִי בְּחֶמְלָה. רַבָּה אֱמוּנָתֶךָ

Modeh anee lefanecha melech chai vekayam, she-he-chezarta bee nishmatee b’chemla, raba emunatecha.

I offer thanks to You, living and eternal King, for You have mercifully restored my soul within me; Your faithfulness is great.

Tradition teaches us that the Modeh Ani should be the first words we say every morning – even while still lying in bed and that our first conscious moments are spent thanking God for the gift of life.  This opening prayer is supposed to set the tone for our day and daily relationship with God.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why do we start our day with Modeh Ani?
  2. What are we thanking God for?
  3. It says, “Your faithfulness is great.” Who does God have faith in?
  4. Why now as we deal with COVID-19 during the coronavirus pandemic is beginning each day with Modeh Ani important?
  5. Who else do you have gratitude for in general and during these unprecedented challenging days?
  6. How might you express your gratitude to them?
  7. What do you to cultivate An Attitude of Gratitude?

If you would like Areyvut to present at your meeting, synagogue and community and/or conference or develop a text study tailored to your particular needs, please contact us at info@areyvut.org.

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