May 2010


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Bringing Kindness to Communities One Teen at a Time May 2010

A Kindness a Day

Friday – May 7, 2010
23 Iyar 5770

Try to make peace between two people that are angry with one another.



“It is easy to acquire an enemy and difficult to acquire a friend.”  (Yalkut Shimoni, Va’etchanan)



Bnai Mitzvah FairBnai Mitzvah Fair at Yeshivat Noam 



On April 28th Areyvut facilitated a Bnai Mitzvah Fair for the 5th grade girls and 6th grade boys of Yeshivat Noam in Paramus, NJ.  During the Fair, students had the opportunity to meet with representatives from a variety of organizations, each supporting local or Israel based causes.  Throughout the program the students were engaged and excited.  They took the time to learn how they can make a difference in their community, for the Jewish people and the world at large.



The evening portion of the program was attended by the parents of these students.  The parents were guided by their childrens’ interests, as they had all completed a form from the school earlier in the day indicating the organizations they were most interested in supporting.  Thank you to Rabbi Hagler, Rabbi Koslowe, Mrs. Anziska and Mrs. Troodler for their help in coordinating this program and seeing it through to fruition.

Areyvut wishes to thank the following organizations for participating in this program.




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Mitzvah ClowningAreyvut Mitzvah Clowns Hit the Town



Areyvut’s Mitzvah Clowning Program is on a roll.  Children, teenagers and adults that have participated in trainings have continued to actively be involved in their communities by performing this unique act of bikkur cholim (visiting the sick).  Since the establishment of this program, in December 2009, Areyvut has trained over 75 individuals in Mitzvah Clowning.  We want you to be next!

Mitzvah Clowning is a great Bnai Mitzvah Chesed Project, and we’ll help you every step of the way!  For more information about this program, please contact us at (201) 244-6702 or




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