June 2007

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Chesed. Tzedakah. Tikkun Olam
June 2007
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June 14:
Presentation at
the UJA Federation of Northern NJ to the Tikkun Olam Initiatives Committee

June 14:
Chesed Project at
SAR Academy

August 5-9:
CAJE Conference in St. Louis, Missouri

September 23:
Bnai Mitzvah
Fair at the JCC on the

April 4-6, 2008:
“Make a Difference” Day



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Areyvut Interns

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Spend an hour a week reading to children at a nearby homeless shelter or the local library.


“Do not neglect the children of the poor, for from them will go forth the law.”
– Talmud Nedarim 81a


Areyvut reaches out to Jewish day schools and congregational schools, regardless of affiliation, offering them a unique opportunity to create innovative programs to make chesed, tzedakah and tikkun olam a reality for students and educators alike.  Such programs include Chesed Fairs, Bnai Mitzvah Consultations, “Make a Difference” Day and more!

If you are interested in arranging a Bnai Mitzvah Program in your community, please contact us at shiri@areyvut.org or 201-244-6702.


Areyvut Summer Internship Program

On June 4th, we had the opportunity to welcome four individuals into the Areyvut office for our full time Summer Internship Program.  After interviewing over 30 potential candidates, we selected interns from different parts of the country and backgrounds in the belief that diversity in our office is what truly makes this internship exceptional.  The Summer Internship Program is one of our favorite aspects of Areyvut and we are excited to have such a great group of interns to work with.  The interns are all passionate about the mission of Areyvut and will be working on all aspects of Areyvut including Bnai Mitzvah programming, the “A Kindness a Day” calendar, “Make a Difference” Day, fundraising and the website.

Introducing the Areyvut Interns:

  • Sarah Baer- Rutgers University
  • Jessica Berger- University of Kentucky
  • Sara Hammerschlag- Brandeis University
  • Yoni Kaufman- Yeshiva University

For more information about each intern, please visit the Intern Bios.


CAJE Going to CAJE 32?

So are we!  Areyvut will be giving two workshops at CAJE 32- The Conference on Alternatives in Jewish Education- on August 5th-9th in St. Louis, Missouri.   The workshops will be on the topics of:

1) Engaging Teens in Activism and Tikkun Olam
Transforming the School Community

Make sure to sign up for the Areyvut workshops today!



2008 Calendar Cover Save 25%

Pre-order the 2008 “A Kindness a Day” Calendar today and recieve 25% off your entire purchase!

The “A Kindness a Day” calendar contains 365 suggested activities that exemplify Jewish values. Activities are based on such ideals as chesed (kindness), tzedakah (charity), tikkun olam (social justice) and character improvement.

For more information, please call (201) 244-6702 or e-mail Shiri@areyvut.org


Offer Expires: August 31st, 2007