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Bringing Kindness to Communities One Teen at a Time July 2012

A Kindness a Day

Shabbat – July 7, 2012

17 Tamuz 5772


Give of yourself today. 


“May only goodness and kindness pursue me all the days of my life…” 
(Mizmor L’David)

Kayitz Classic II

3-on-3 Basketball Tournament 


Wednesday, July 11th

7:00pm – 10:00pm

The Frisch School

120 West Century Road


Click here to register.


Prices as low as $36.00!  Sponsorships are available!


Proceeds from Kayitz Classic II will benefit Areyvut’s Bergen County Mitzvah Clowning Program and Moshava Ba’ir’s Camp Scholarship Fund.


For more information, click here or contact us at info@areyvut.org or (201) 244-6702.


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 For more information about all things Areyvut, please contact us at (201) 244-6702 or info@areyvut.org.

Summer Chesed Ideas    


H.O.P.E.Don’t forget to take advantage of Areyvut’s Summer Chesed Ideas.


Add your chesed idea to the list by emailing us at info@areyvut.org.


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Marissa Klee


Marissa Klee 
Alpharetta, GA 


Highlight on


Israel Animal Defense Force



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“A Kindness a Day” 
Easy.  Free.  Inspiring.
"A Kindness a Day"



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