July 2010


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Bringing Kindness to Communities One Teen at a Time July 2010

A Kindness a Day

Shabbat – July 10, 2010
28 Tamuz 5770

Invite someone new to your synagogue to sit next to you.



“…And all the princes of the congregation, went out to meet them…” 

(Numbers 31:13)




 Blast Off to Space Odyssey and Raise Funds for



The summer may have just begun…but be sure to make plans now to get the last bit of fun before the summer’s done!


Date: Wed., Aug. 25th
Time: 4:00 – 7:00pm
Location: Space Odyssey – 491 S. Dean St. Englewood, NJ 07631

General Admission Includes* 

~ Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling
Space Odyssey~ Laser Tag (must be 7 yrs+)
~ Paintless Paintball (must be 12 yrs+)
~ 3 Level Indoor Playground
~ Basketball Court
~ $10.00 Arcade Card (additional cards may be purchased for $5.00 each)
~ Pizza and a Beverage
*(Required for all child participants age 2 years and older as of Aug. 25, 2010.)


General Admission Special: $30.00 (includes 1 raffle ticket for $200 American Express Gift Card)
Parent Admission: $7.00 (includes pizza and beverage only)

Toddler Admission: $5.00 (includes pizza and beverage only) – Required for children under 2 years old as of Aug. 25, 2010

1 Raffle Ticket:$5.00 (Note: Raffle winner does not need to be present to collect prize.)

5 Raffle Tickets: $20.00 (Note: Raffle winner does not need to be present to collect prize.)



Sponsorships are available!  For more information, contact an Areyvut representative at info@areyvut.org or (201) 244-6702.


Money raised from this event will go to support Areyvut’s Mitzvah Clowning Program.


Buy now!  Check out coupon below… 


Areyvut Welcomes Summer Interns
Areyvut is pleased to welcome our Summer 2010 interns! 

They have already assisted and contributed to the success of a number of programs, including Mitzvah Clowning, Jewish Teen Philanthropy Seminar, etc. 


We are looking forward to a productive and meaningful summer!





147 South Washington Ave.

Bergenfield, NJ 07621
P: (201) 244-6702
F: (201) 338-2427


3 Raffle Tickets!  

Purchase a General Admission Special Ticket before July 30th and receive 3 Raffle Tickets!


Offer Expires: July 30, 2010

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 Evan Langsam
Demarest, NJ





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