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Bringing Kindness to Communities One Teen at a Time July 2009

A Kindness a Day


Sunday – July 12, 2009 




Rush to do a favor for someone.


“…and when [Abraham] saw them, he ran from the tent door to meet them…” (Genesis 18:2)




Do a Favor for Areyvut!



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Areyvut Welcomes Summer Interns




It’s summer time and you know what that means, summer interns! On board with us this month Areyvut is privileged to have four wonderful, responsible interns who are joining us from all parts of the country. From Seattle to Tennessee to our very own New Jersey, our interns come and join us to develop programs in order help carry out what we at Areyvut strive to succeed, a more amiable Jewish world…Read more about our awesome interns.




Areyvut Visits with Debbie Nahshon – Bergen Y 
We visited with Debbie Nahshon at the Bergen Y on Thursday, June 11. Debbie educated us about many programs that are exclusive to the Bergen Y. For example, the Bergen Y’s annual family trip to Israel, Open Hearts Open Homes, and the Kehillah Partnership. Each program connects the Jewish people in its own way…Read more about our trip to the Bergen Y.




Out and About with the Areyvut Interns


Each week the Areyvut interns are exposed to a variety of learning and volunteering opportunities.  Learn more about our weekly visits by clicking on the links below.
Thank you for contributing to the program!
Adrianne Goldberg Meller
SAR Academy
June 18
Saranne Rothberg
June 25
Stefanie Zelkind & Malka Jampol
July 1




2009 Summer Interns


* Florence Almo – Touro College *  

 * Kelly Finkelstein – University of Pennsylvania *  

 * Lara Herrmann – Tenafly High School *


* Emma Kaplan – Touro College *
* Yehuda Safier – Yeshiva University *
* Dvorah Weill – Bruriah High School *



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“It has been a great first month at Areyvut as a summer intern.  I look forward to more great activities of kindness and bringing people together in helping the community.”
Summer Intern



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