January 2013

January 2013
Bringing Kindness to Communities One Teen at a Time
Time Flies When You’re Making a Difference…


We’re so excited to usher in the New Year because it means we’re turning one year older. In order to celebrate our 11 year old milestone, we thought we’d share with you our top 11 memories over the past 11 years.

11. Way back in the summer of 2004 our Summer Internship Program launched. Since then we’ve had interns from schools throughout the country including Carleton College, University of Pennsylvania, Yeshiva University and Brandeis University…just to name a few.


10. Started in 2003 and then renamed in 2011, our National Mitzvah Day has been making a difference in countless communities year after year. North, East, South and West, we’ve made an impact from Coast to Coast and everywhere in between.

9. 2008 seems like it was just yesterday when we think back to our inaugural Jewish teen philanthropy program. We’re still going strong five years later and helping shape future Jewish leaders.

8. One of the cornerstones of our organization, the A Kindness a Day Calendar, made its debut in 2005. Over 2,920 entries later (there were a few leap years you know) we look forward to adding 365 new kindnesses and Jewish texts to the 2013 calendar.

7. An idea conceived by one of our esteemed summer interns, our Bnai Mitzvah Essay Contest has always been one of the highlights of our year. It became especially exciting when we went digital with our Bnai Mitzvah Video Essay Contest in 2008.

6. Bnai Mitzvah Fairs are never a thing of the past for us even though we started them in 2003. Since then we’ve had over 25 fairs helping countless Bnai Mitzvah students find a chesed project that best suits them.

5. Our most successful program to date, Mitzvah Clowning was conceived in 2009. From Atlanta, GA to Westchester, NY we’ve trained 100’s of Mitzvah Clowns in what is surely the gift that keeps on giving.

4. In 2012 we began a wonderful partnership with the Jewish Education Project’s Westchester Jewish Teen Learning Initiative with our Head to Toe Chesed programming. It’s one of the projects we’re most excited about in 2013.

3. Since our inception (going all the way back to 2002) we’ve given lectures and delivered presentations and professional development workshops throughout the country. You never know…your school might be next.

2. From 2003 to the present, every year we find a way to make news or be the news. We’ve been featured and highlighted in publications throughout the country.

1. We ushered in the New Year with purpose. Our newest initiative, Mitzvah Clown Leadership Group kicked off their year long program.

With so many things to be proud of and so many things to look forward to in this New Year, we hope you will continue to think of Areyvut when it comes to your philanthropic giving. Also, remember, your next idea could be a great one for us…feel free to be in touch with programs, projects or initiatives that you think could make a real impact.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and joyous 2013!
Team Areyvut
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