January 2011


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Bringing Kindness to Communities One Teen at a Time January 2011

A Kindness a Day

Wednesday – January 5, 2011
29 Tevet 5771
Refrain from starting, spreading or listening to rumors.
“You shall not go about as a talebearer among your people.” (Leviticus 19:16)




Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?  Have you resolved to take action in your community, donate your time or share your talents?  We want to help you keep these resolutions in a fun and meaningful way…create and register your “Make a Difference” Day 2011 project with Areyvut today!


This year’s theme is “Building Blocks that Matter: Strengthening Relationships and Fostering Community”.  With so much good that can be done on local, regional and global levels there are an infinite number of ways to get involved with this initiative.  To help even further, Areyvut is happy to offer you our “Make a Difference” Day Educational Resources which are free of charge and available on our website.  This guide provides you with step by step program planning instructions as well as numerous project ideas, textual resources and so much more. 


Of course, we are also here to help with your program planning in any way we can!  Send us an email or drop us a line to let us know the type of program you would like to coordinate and we’ll work with you to see it through.


We are proud to recognize the following organizations and institutions who have already registered their “Make a Difference” Day 2011 projects.


* Community FoodBank of New Jersey *
Hillside, NJ
* Computers for Youth NYC *
New York, NY
* Friendship Circle of Bergen County *
Paramus, NJ
* Girl Scout Troop 777 *
Arcadia, FL
* Multiple Sclerosis Association of America * 
Cherry Hill, NJ
* Powell Subdivision Neighborhood Watch *
Palm Bay, FL
* Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex & Union *
West Orange, NJ
Learn more about Areyvut’s “Make a Difference” Day 2011 or register here.  For more information, please contact us at (201) 244-6702 or info@areyvut.org.




Sometimes funny, sometimes important, always up to date.  Check out “Out and About with Areyvut”, our blog, to know what we’re thinking, what we’re up to and how you can get involved!


Need some incentive?  Here are excerpts from recent posts. 


“…Chanukah is about adding light to the world and we at Areyvut have an opportunity for those of you in Queens to add light to the world on an ongoing basis…We are bringing Mitzvah Clowning to Queens…tell your friends, tell your parents or grandparents that you want the gift that keeps on giving this Chanukah.”


“Shabbat Gilad is the brainchild of Ari Hagler…Ari has over 150 schools, synagogues and organizations throughout the world participating in this important effort.”


“The People Behind Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Disney Day Program.  I’d be lying is I said I didn’t still shudder every time I think back to the days when Areyvut was involved with this program…we had over 100 people involved in community service projects from January through April with a variety of different organizations serving the community.  A few aspirin later and everyone was happy that children, parents, teens, etc. could volunteer and earn a free Disney Day!”


“There is more search interest in investigating the quality of dog food than charities.  Well, at least interest in charities outranks interest in cat food.”


“…these are the items that made me stop and think…I can only hope that our 1,000th Tweet, in addition to all the others we send out, have the same effect on someone too.”
Don’t miss a thing…check the blog regularly, or become a follower.











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P: (201) 244-6702
F: (201) 338-2427


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Yaakov Hawk
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