National Mitzvah Day Talking Points

Posted on March 16, 2017

When people are approached to do something- either attend an event, contribute to a cause or go to a program- they often think or ask why should I participate and how will my participation benefit me?  With this in mind we are happy to present these Talking Points for our upcoming 2017 National Mitzvah Day and #24HoursofKindness effort on Sunday, April 2, 2017 in conjunction with Good Deeds Day.

Please note that these are just some of the many messages and reasons why people should participate and how doing so will benefit them as well as their family, community, communal agencies and humanity.

The power of one; the power of many
• The world needs more kindness- join this effort and be a part of a nationwide movement/something bigger.
• All acts of kindness—no matter how big or small—can positively impact the world.
• You yourself have the ability to powerfully impact the world.
• The snowball effect- your kindness will in turn, lead to kindness by others.

It’s good for the soul
• It feels good to do good; spreading kindness makes one happy.
• It feels better to give than to receive.  There are others less fortunate whose lives are made better through the kindness of strangers.
• When kids experience the joy of giving, they are more likely to continue their efforts and bring others along with them.
• Kindness induces gratitude, which in turns helps build stronger relationships and communities.
• Performing an act of kindness makes us more optimistic about the future and grateful for what we do have.
• Doing good for someone else gives you a “helper’s high” and has actual positive physical effects (such as a lower heart rate).

 It’s our duty
• As Jews, we have a responsibility to do good unto others; coming together in this effort helps us to fulfill this mandate and mitzvah.
• Participating is a way for families, schools, synagogues, youth movements and community organizations to teach values and have kids to come together for the greater good.
• Getting involved helps to translate words into action; it’s one thing to say we should do kind things, it’s another to actually do them.

We’re in this together
• Participating in National Mitzvah Day creates unity in the community and a sense that we’re all in this together.
• Getting involved creates a sense of community.
• A day such as this shows participants how much good can be done in the world when we all work for a common cause.

The deeper impacts
• Spreading kindness brings people -including families- closer together and introduces us to people from all walks of life and backgrounds that we might not have otherwise had the pleasure of meeting.
• Spreading kindness and participating has far-reaching consequences, with activities taking place locally that benefit people globally.
• Once introduced to local organizations, participants are more likely to volunteer for these organizations in the future.
• Participating in this effort can engage, motivate, inspire and empower volunteers to continue spreading kindness long after the event is over.
• Spreading kindness is one way of teaching kids to forgive and overcome differences with others.
• Giving back often opens up kids’ eyes to the injustices in the world and puts their own situations into perspective.

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