Tomorrow is a Snow Day!

Posted on February 8, 2017

In anticipation of a snow day tomorrow Michal Levine, our Program Associate developed some snow day chesed ideas you can do with your family.

A snow day is the perfect opportunity to do some chesed indoors and out!  Here are some ideas and links to our Pinterest page with related crafts.  Feel free to share some of your own with us on Facebook Twitter or e-mail us at
Make soup with pantry staples.  One of my favorite is Red Lentil Soup. (I skip the lemon—it’s up to you).  Double it and make some for now and some to freeze.  Call up a friend who has someone sick in their family or just someone who would simply enjoy the gift and tell them that you’re bringing it over after you shovel out 
Make bookmarks for a favorite reader or literacy program
Go through your book collection and set aside some books that you don’t read anymore to donate to kids in the hospital, or people in a nursing home
Decorate postcards to send to kids in the hospital, chayalim, or members of the US armed forces
Give your pet some extra love- clean out the fish tank, play with your cat, or teach your old dog a new trick
Shovel out an elderly neighbor’s driveway or offer to shovel driveways in exchange for a donation to a favorite charity
Video chat with someone far away—plan in advance so it doesn’t get too late for those in another time zone!
Pray for someone who is sick
Make slime (a new obsession with the middle school set) to entertain your younger siblings
Start your own chesed blog!
Snuggle up with your family and watch a movie that inspires good deeds, all available to rent on Amazon:
o    Pay It Forward PG-13
o    The Power of One PG-13
o    Cinderella (2015) PG
o    Pollyanna PG
o    Kindness Is Contagious (Documentary 9+)
For even more ideas, visit our snow day post here!
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