Life Lessons from Super Bowl 51

Posted on February 6, 2017

Last night’s Super Bowl was awesome and historic. 
(For those who didn’t watch the game live, we encourage you to watch at least the 4th quarter.  As we often say, “context is key,” and watching the last quarter will give you a sense of the excitement and energy of game, and it will give you an opportunity to see the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history in real time.) 
While the game is over, there are many life lessons that one can learn from Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.  Here are just a few:
  1. Don’t take for granted that you’re ahead in life.  Things change in an instant.  Stay on your toes and keep working hard.  Focus on your business and relationships.  Actively work to maintain and build on what you have achieved.
  1. Always learn from the experience.  In life, things may not always work out the way we want.  Maybe you asked someone something today, and you really wanted and needed them to say yes, and they didn’t.  Perhaps a relationship didn’t work out the way you had hoped.  It is always important to remember the positive things and to reflect on what you gained and learned from the experience. 
  1. It’s only halftime.  Even if the first half of a game, your day or anything at all is going badly, never give up.  You still have the ability to turn it around and make it a tremendous success and to create memories that will last a lifetime.  Big turnarounds are always possible.
  1. It isn’t over until it’s over.  It is a cliché that contains an important life lesson.  Whether it’s a game, a project at school or work, an interview, a date, a vacation or anything else, it isn’t over until it’s over.  Until it ends, you still have time to turn things around.
  1. Sensitivity is always important.  Regardless of the situation being sensitive to others shows your thoughtfulness, integrity and says a lot about who you are as a person.  Think of the joy and happiness the Falcons players and fans had at halftime.  Now think of how the Patriots players and fans were feeling at that time.  Yes, the outcome and feelings changed as the game went on, and we all know that it could have turned out differently.  It generally can.  You may have won the case, but the other side could have easily won.  After driving around, you found the parking spot but that other car could have found it before you.  Always be sensitive to others. 
  1. Sometimes things just come down to a coin toss.  A reminder that in life sometimes things aren’t in your control, and you need to do your best with the hand you’ve been dealt.

Reflecting and learning from experiences- all experiences- is essential to growth.  We hope that these life lessons from Super Bowl 51 are helpful to you.
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