Why We Plan to Still Participate in End of the Year Fundraising

Posted on December 28, 2016

A colleague asked if after our recent successful Charidy campaign if we would be sitting out the end of the year fundraising season to which I replied no.  When we run teen philanthropy programs at the first session we always discuss with the participants a mission statement on how that guides an organization.  At the same session, we show them a budget and make sure that they see how that relates to the values of the agency and understand the correlation between the budget and mission.  Put simply: the more money an agency has the greater ability they have to implement their mission and vision.  Areyvut is no different.  30% of money given to nonprofits is given in December and of that 10% is given in the last 48 hours of the year.  That is why agencies send out all those e-mails requesting support.

The more money we have the more we can impact others and these numbers can grow:  

While you “have to be in it to win it” we decided not to invade your inbox with e-mail and to “make the case” and “the ask” via social media, including this blog.  Those that want to end and/or begin the year with supporting Areyvut can do so at https://areyvut.org/donate/.  We appreciate every donor and dollar. Each person plays an important role in facilitating our success and growth.

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