How Will We Spend the Money

Posted on December 16, 2016

With your help we surpassed the goal of our recent Charidy campaign!  Thanks to all those that help make this possible.  We appreciate your generosity and partnership.  We believe in transparency and would like to share some of our plans of how we will spend this money.  Before we do a bit of background is in order.

Many agencies -think schools, synagogues and JCC’s- receive the majority of their funds from tuition or membership.  Other agencies have their overhead and/or programs underwritten by donors and/or grants. At Areyvut we don’t have either of those scenarios.  We have a few sources of income including events, individual donors, grants and fee for service, that when we do a program for a school, synagogue or agency they pay to bring us in and work hard to be able to maintain our services and resources.

Now with that background we plan to use the funds to:

  • Update our website: An update to is long overdue and this project will be a priority.
  • Create a series of videos to help facilitate hands on chesed projects: We believe that people are good and want to help others but often don’t know how to do so.  To address this we will be creating a series of short videos.  Each video will illustrate how to do a particular project.  This platform will expand our reach and enable us to meaningfully engage many others the world over in facilitating kindness.    
  • 2018 A Kindness a Day Calendar: We know we are in 2016 and 2017 is just around the corner but we plan to earmark some funds to support our 2018 A Kindness a Day Calendar.  We intend on working to create a new layout and design, one that will enable more people to meaningfully engage with the calendar.  

We always welcome your input and ideas.  Do you have any suggestions?  Please reach out to us at and let us know.

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