Support Israel in Rebuilding

Posted on November 27, 2016

As Israel starts to recover for the terrorism of the fires, we call on all people of goodwill to actively help Israel at this challenging time.

For now the need is for money.  In the event that there are other needs we will let you know.

For those looking to help victims of the fires in Israel please consider a generous contribution to one of the following vetted agencies:

Hashomer Hachadash: Grassroots protection of farms
organization website:
Secure crowdfunding:

JNF, Emergency Fund:;jsessionid=70C5FA7F9D8074367F92AB54C7D69D79.app205a?7226.donation=form1&df_id=7226&mfc_pref=T

One Family Fund:

Neve Tzuf: Yishuv Crowdfunding for community needs. Online secure and official site for contributions:

Zichron Yaakov: Collecting for immediate needs for blankets and other pressing items:

Please feel free to add additional agencies in the comments.

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