Lessons from the Election

Posted on November 9, 2016

The 2016 Presidential campaign has been unique in many regards.  On this morning after Decision 2016 we want to offer lessons that one can learn from the campaign that apply way beyond politics and this particular campaign.  These ideas apply to nonprofits and people in general.  We think that humanity would benefit it we thought about and internalized these ideas into our lives. 

  1. Compassion for all: Try hard to have compassion (this is different that dignity and respect) for those who have a different viewpoint, background, ability, tax bracket or political opinion.
  2. Dignity and respect for all: Everyone needs to be treated with dignity and respect.  Race, religion, economic status and sexual orientation don’t matter.  If someone is alive, we owe it to them to treat them with dignity and respect.
  3.  Don’t underestimate the power of fear: Fear and jealousy are great motivators.  Never underestimate the power of fear to get people to do things. 
  4. Expect the unexpected: No matter what you believe, feel, read or hear expect the unexpected.
  5. Move on: Move on from disagreements and utilize your passion and energy and look toward the future.
  6. Never underestimate: Don’t underestimate people who may seem different from you.  They have a lot to contribute.
  7. Not my problems: At our core, we want to believe that our problems are not our fault and that there is someone else that we can blame for our problems. 
  8. People seek the new and exciting: We are a reality TV society that cares about spectacle and excitement rather than truth, justice, and compassion.
  9. We can agree to disagree agreeably: We have been apart as a society.  We can no longer agree on what is truth and how to determine truth.  Everyone determines their own truth, and as a result we are no longer able to speak to those who have different opinions because we can’t even agree on what are the facts. 

God Bless America!
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