Give of Yourself this Giving Tuesday (you’ll be glad you did)

Posted on November 29, 2016

Happy Giving Tuesday!  You might think I’m asking you for money for an amazing non-profit.  But I am actually writing to let you know that today is an opportunity to give of yourself
A great way to give of yourself is by getting involved in Mitzvah Clowning.  And what a wonderful coincidence- a brand new Mitzvah Clown core group is starting RIGHT HERE IN METROWEST NEW JERSEY THIS SUNDAY DECEMBER 4!  Right on Pleasant Valley Way at Brighton Gardens!
Mitzvah Clowning is not just for children, it is for everyone ages 11 and up.  Parents or grandparents can do it with their kids or grandkids or on their own.
The $250 fee is a onetime fee!  This fee is reduced for today includes a clown kit, costume, and supplies for site visits as well as operational costs of the program.  After joining, you are invited to participate in Areyvut’s Mitzvah Clown visits for as many years as you’d like.
The program will include a training session during which each participant will receive a clown kit, costume, balloons and balloon pump that will be theirs to keep.  At the initial session on Sunday, the participants will learn how to apply clown make-up, create balloon animals and undergo role-play exercises to better prepare them for their friendly visit.
After the initial session, these newest Mitzvah Clowns will be joined by veteran Mitzvah Clowns from previous years for their first visit to the residents at Brighton Gardens.
Each month, following the initial training and friendly visit, the Mitzvah Clowns will go on site visits to local senior centers and other facilities. 
So please give more than just money this Giving Tuesday.  Give of yourself!

Click here for more information, to sponsor a participant or to sign up:
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