8 Activities to Enhance Your Seder Pesach

Posted on April 7, 2016

Pesach Hedbanz

The object of the game is to learn what your card is by asking questions.  
6 Word Memoirs 
Can you describe yourself in 6 words? Can you share your seder experience in 6 words? Can you write your life’s story in 6 words? 
Pesach Poses aka Charades 
Take a card and acts out what’s on it. Everyone else needs to guess what they are doing. 
Volunteering to recite the Ma Nishtana 
Taking cover from hail 
Walking through the split sea 
Acting as if you went out of Egypt 
Opening the door for Eliyahu 
Finding the afikomen 

Moshe’s Staff 
Take a broom handle- it is Moses staff which by miracle has passed through the ages- and have each person introduce the person to his/her right and say what you remember about him/her when you left Egypt together. 
Props or Paper Bag Dramatics 
Select one prop (it can be anything) to pass around and ask how you would use this in coming out of Egypt. Alternatively, if you have more time (and/or more adventurous) you can provide a bag of props and have each group put on a brief play using their props. You can give each group a phrase like Let My People Go, Can We Eat Yet or Next Year in Jerusalem that they must use in their skit. 
Guess Who 
Before the seder write out on a separate piece of paper names of characters or objects associated with the Seder night. Examples include Matzah, Frogs, Moshe, Pharoah, etc. Select a volunteer and tie a scarf around their forehead and stick a name on the scarf so that everyone can see but him. The volunteer should ask yes or no questions about himself. Based on the answers he has to figure out who or what he is. 
Whose Job Is It? 
Pass around a job jar that is filled with various job descriptions. Everyone should pick out a job from the jar and complete their task. Jobs can include hiding the Afikomen, singing the Ma Nishtana, introducing and/or reading key parts of the Haggadah. 
Audience Participation 
Each guest gets 3 slips of paper: Comment, Question, Story. Tell them that each person needs to offer each (i.e. use their coupons) during the seder. This will help set the tone for participation. 
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