The Resolution Solution

Posted on December 29, 2015

It’s crunch time! January 1st is just 3 days away which means it’s time to lock in your New Years resolutions.

This year you’ll finally go on that diet you’ve been pushing off. In 2016 you’ll book that family vacation you’ve always dreamed of. Starting January 1st, you will stop speaking badly about others.

With the New Year comes the potential for a new YOU. But keeping resolutions is not as easy as it seems…

Here are some tricks to make your resolutions stick!

Buddy up

Fulfilling resolutions can be extremely challenging. Wouldn’t it be great to have some help? Find someone who shares your New Year’s resolution and support each other throughout the year. Working with others will not only motivate you to work harder to complete your goals but will also strengthen your relationships with others.

Make a timeline

You’ve mastered the art of procrastination. You were supposed to go on a diet in 2014…then 2015…and now you’ve sworn to take on the challenge for 2016. Before you begin fulfilling your resolution, make yourself a timeline of goals. By March 1st, you will have accomplished X.  By June 1st, you will have succeeded in Y. Creating a calendar for yourself will give you visual motivation to get things done!

Go Social

You’re social media savvy – so why not use this to your benefit? Share your goals, frustrations and accomplishments with your friends, family and social networks. By going public, you will be motivated to prove yourself to your peers and will also garner support from your networks.

Reward Yourself

This doesn’t mean that you can eat an entire cake if your resolution is to watch what you eat. Instead, celebrate your successes by treating yourself to something you enjoy that will also help you along with your resolution. If your goal is to lose weight, treat yourself to a new healthy cook book or new work out clothing. If your goal is to stop speaking badly about others and you’ve noticed improvements, reward yourself with a movie or a small shopping spree.

Now that you’ve learned these tricks, we wish you a Happy New Year and best of luck in fulfilling your resolutions. You can do it!

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