A Parable of Three Houses: A Guiding Principle for Engaging and Inspiring Millennials

Posted on March 9, 2015

A parable from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, drawn in this article, allows us to see that we should help each other to become builders in the Jewish community.  Andrew Fretwell, New York Community Activator at NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel Foundation, lists some examples of ways in which millennials are being reached:

  • Camp Tel Yehudah’s Hadracha Activism Institute empowers teens to dive deeply into a number of societal issues and implement a Jewishly driven activist campaign.
  • Hillel’s Ask Big Questions poses to Jewish college students the very questions that the Jewish community has wrestled with for thousands of years.
  • Natan Fund’s Amplifier galvanizes Jews in their 20’s and 30’s to organize peer-led “giving circles” and create communities of giving through the lens of Jewish values.
  • Independent minyanim like Shir HaMaalot, a volunteer-led, Havurah that hosts musical Friday night services and a potluck dinner in Brooklyn.
  • Moishe House Without Walls imparts skills and resources to young Jewish adults to envision, create and host meaningful programs for their peers.

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