8 Purim Inspired Chesed Opportunities

Posted on March 2, 2015

The smell of hamentaschen, a fresh new costume hanging in your closet and a basket full of sweets can only mean one thing: Purim is right around the corner! Purim is the perfect holiday for doing good deeds. After all, two of the holiday’s commandments, mishloach manot (sending gifts) and matanot l’evyonim (gifts to the poor), are rooted in chesed. If after delivering those mishloach manot, you still want to spread the happiness of the holiday, here are some Purim-themed ideas that show Haman who’s boss!  

  1. Have some extra hamentaschen? Why not bring them to a neighbor next door or to a local food shelter? No one will be able to resist that delicious three cornered treat!
  2. Can’t get enough of shaking that grogger? Visit a children’s hospital and create instruments like this homemade kazoo to bring some music and joy into their lives!
  3. Is your Queen Esther costume already picking up dust in your closet? Donate old costumes, clothing and accessories to a clothing drive or bring them to a clothing drop off. Find a clothing drop off spot here.
  4. Trying to get rid of some of that excess mishloach manot candy? Donate your packaged goodies to a local food pantry.

  5. Achashverosh threw a 180 day long party for all his subjects. And while 180 days may be a bit ambitious, why not throw a party for your friend’s birthday to show how much you care about them!

  6. To find a new wife, Achashverosh orchestrated a beauty pageant and married Esther. While beauty is found on the inside, it’s nice to pamper once in a while. Treat your mother, sister, cousin or friend to a manicure, makeover or new hairstyle!
  7. After Mordechai thwarted Bigtan and Terash’s plan to kill the king, Achashverosh wrote about Mordechai in his Royal Chronicles. By writing down the noble story, Achashverosh was able to reward and publicly recognize Mordechai for his good deed. Take the time to write a nice note to someone who has helped you achieve a goal or get through a tough time.

  8. God’s name is not mentioned anywhere in the Purim story but it’s clear that his presence was there. Too often, we receive help from people who blend into the background and barely get recognition. Take the time to thank people who make an impact in your life every day like your doorman, crossing guard or bus driver.

Have a very happy Purim!
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