A Primer on Making the Jewish Community Inclusive

Posted on February 5, 2015

This article, written by Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi and Meagan Buren from RespectAbilityUSA, goes into detail on ways in which we can make the Jewish community a more friendly and inclusive cohesive group.  The 15 tips to follow are below.  Click the above link for more detail on each point.

1. Leadership at the top needs to buy in and share that vision
2. Nothing about us without us
3. Use “people-first” language
4. Walk the walk
5. Budget the time and money that it will take to do it right
6. Registration forms and intake process can establish trust
7. Every organization needs ad experienced inclusion director / coordinator
8. Training seminars and manuals
9. Promote “expected behaviors” to reduce tantrums/ meltdowns
10. Marketing: Getting the word out
11. What parents want for their children: social skills and peer relationships
12. Hire PwDs and encourage others to do as well
13. Job bank
14. Provide scholarships to Jewish children with disabilities and their families
15. Creating a home away from home: Mental health support or affinity groups

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