Taylor Swift Helps Lucky Fan Pay Off Her Loans

Posted on January 14, 2015

  Taylor swift is known for being exceptionally nice to her fans, and her most recent act of kindness, is no exception.  Taylor sent one fan, Rebekah, $1989 dollars to help pay off student loans, as well as a water-color painting she’d made, and a letter of gratitude thanking Rebekah for sending her a video she’s made featuring Taylor and her friends. 

  Hearing about this act of kindness made me feel really good for the girl who had been helped, and for people everywhere who had also heard about this super act of generosity.  It’s nice for celebrities to see creative ways for them to give, and for teens to see that it can be cool to give back to our communities (and fan bases).  Here’s hoping we can all learning from Taylor and the good example she’s setting for all of us!

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