Five Things You May Not Know About Jews and Philanthropy

Posted on September 1, 2014

This article opens our eyes to how our fellow Jews view philanthropy and who they donate to as well.  One thing I find particularly interesting is that many donors don’t call their values “Jewish” but rather attribute their giving nature to their family traditions.  It’s important to remember that philanthropy is indeed a Jewish value and we can all be proud of that!  For more detail about the list below, see the article here!

1.  Many Jewish donors don’t call their values “Jewish.”
2.  Young Jews give less to Jewish organizations than their elders – and they give to different kinds of Jewish nonprofits.
3.  Nevertheless, fundraisers ignore Boomers and older Jews at their own risk.
4.  Less affluent Jews make all Jews look particularly generous.
5.  The Orthodox are just different.

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