Current Events for Dummies

Posted on March 6, 2014

Now, let me preface this post by saying that I think I understand about 20% of what is happening the Ukraine right now…and I probably actually only understand 3%. I read the New York Times and I love swiping through Yahoo! News and Google News as much as the next girl but it is hard to grasp what is happening thousands of miles away.

I recently asked a friend of mine if they knew what was happening- if they could explain it to me- and I was met with a blank face and that truly bothered me. How is every news outlet discussing the crisis in the Ukraine but we can’t even talk about the basics of the situation? I proceeded to ask someone else about it (someone a bit older than my 22 years) and they also could hardly describe the conflict to me. These are our fellow man, it’s a matter of principle- stay informed.

We appreciate the human interest pieces- the reporter who quits on air- but we don’t seem to delve into an issue that is affecting hundreds of thousands human beings. As part of my own good deed for today, I’d like to a share a few pieces about the current conflict so that we can learn a bit more about our world and pray a bit for our fellow man.

CNN Piece

New York Times Piece

ABC News – What’s Going On in Ukraine?

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