Why Should YOU Become a Carnival Family Sponsor…

Posted on December 25, 2013

As our New Year’s Day Carnival Extravaganza gets closer by the day (we’re down to 7 days on our countdown!), we wanted to share some reasons why YOU should become a Family Sponsor for the event:

1. You’re supporting kindness in the community
2. Let’s be real…it’s tax-deductible
3. You get a $10 food voucher with it…can you say cotton candy?
4. You don’t need to wait in a line to get your tickets
5. You will have our undying appreciation
6. You’re giving your family the New Year’s Day they’ll never forget
7. You can indulge in your secret passion of bouncy-house jumping
9. You’ll get to meet many of our talented Mitzvah Clowns!
10. Must I say it again….cotton candy

Visit www.newyearsdaycarnival.com for ticketing and all the info! Or call the Areyvut office at (201)-244-6702.

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