Some Helpful Info For Our New Year’s Day Carnival

Posted on December 31, 2013

Areyvut’s New Year’s Day Carnival Extravaganza is only a day away! With so many questions coming in, we just wanted to give you all some helpful information for when you’re planning the most awesome New Year’s Day you’ve ever had…

1. The carnival is completely, 100% indoors!
2. We suggest leaving the coats in the cars so that your arms are free to play.
3. If you want to plan your visit around the shows, the schedule is as follows:

10:30- Gizmo Guys
11:30- BMX Stunt Show
12:30- Gizmo Guys
1:30- Chicago Boyz
2:30- Gizmo Guys
3:30- BMX Stunt Show
4:30- Chicago Boyz
5:30- BMX Stunt Show

4. There will be kosher food for purchase at the carnival but with cash only (you can buy tickets with credit credits and cash, though).
5. Buying tickets in advance will save you time waiting in line at the event! Also, use promo code CARNIVAL1114 in advance for 10% off tickets… 
6. There will be tons of cotton candy, have no fear.
7. There is ample parking at the event but please make sure to not park in areas that are blocked off.
8. Tickets are still available online but you can also purchase day-of at the door.
9. Family Sponsorships are still available and it is a great way to end your year of philanthropic giving.
10. Prepare your kids for the most amazing, most incredible, most awesome New Year’s Day ever!

For more information, please call the Areyvut office: (201)-244-6702.

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