Five Traits You Need to Dominate Your Field

Posted on December 27, 2013

In Entrepreneur magazine, an article titled, “How the Great Ones Got Great,” provides the five traits needed to dominate any industry.

1. Self-awareness. Instead of blaming a failure on external factors–the economy, the government, even the weather–those at the top of their game look inward to determine where their own assumptions and biases failed them.
2. Dedication. Not every inspired idea leads to success. Highly successful people are effective at shaping their lives around their inspirations, rather than the other way around. This dedication helps them remain true to their cause in times of difficulty.
3. Testing. Superachievers know the value of using feedback or simulations to get empirical evidence about what they’re doing, as opposed to relying on gut instinct. This is important for company founders to trust their own capacity for success and for soliciting outside investors, too.
4. Listening. Great people listen to others not only for validation or politeness, but also to learn. Listening is more than a nicety; the most successful among us know that nearly everyone has valuable wisdom to impart.
5. Building a community. You know when you ask yourself, “How did I get involved in this project/event/company?” Thank (or blame) a superachiever. They have an impressive ability to persuade others to join in their mission, creating a support system that helps further their achievements.
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