Lessons for Work and Life

Posted on May 27, 2013

In an article geared to the graduating class of 2013, Jacki Zehner gives some important advice to people embarking on new careers.  Advice includes not to be afraid to take a job that you don’t know anything about.  If you were chosen to do the job, then the person who hired you thinks you can do it, and you can learn.  She also says how the person you work for can make a huge difference, providing you with help and training as you get acclimated.  Another piece of advice is to “live your values,” do something that is in line with your values, and don’t be afraid to leave a job that is not bringing happiness.  For more pieces of advice, check out the article here.

These ideas are always important for someone looking for a job to consider.  As we embark on adding to our own staff, these ideas are things that we will keep in mind as well.

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