Massage Therapists Raise Money for The Unity Project in Newtown CT

Posted on February 1, 2013

     In Newtown CT, where tragedy struck in December when a gunman opened fire on an elementary school killing 26, there is an organization called the Unity Project.  The Unity Project  is a non-profit which works with communities dealing with tragedy in order to turn their crises into strengths.  This resilience-building non-profit has been launched in New York after 9/11, New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and Uganda working with former children soldiers.  The Unity Project was actually always based in Newtown Connecticut and now is launching its own site literally “close to home.”  
     In this week’s Community Life section of The Record was the following inspiring article about massage therapists (one of whom is my close friend Allison Chazen!) who raised $763 for the Unity Project in Newtown!  I’m glad to see that people are taking initiative to help those facing the December tragedy and using all their efforts and talents to do so!  In times of crises we all need to help one another out lending a helping hand (or massage!) when needed.  Thank you for all your hard work Carmen Moreno, Adrienne Young, Cheng Cheah, Alli Chazen, and Lorinda Walker!
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