The Gift of Giving

Posted on December 28, 2012

J.D. Roth, in an article in, gives four tips for how to give in a realistic way.  I would like to highlight two points that he makes that Areyvut promotes as well.  First, Roth states that the charity that one chooses should have a personal connection to the giver.  In this way, the giver would be more willing and likely to donate.  Second, he also says that if you are not able to donate a lot of money (or even if you are able), you always have the option of donating your time by volunteering.

Areyvut strongly believes in personalizing charity work. With our Bnai Mitzvah Projects, Bnai Mitzvah are able to choose causes that are meaningful to them.  We hope that this will engender long-lasting relationships to their respective causes.  Additionally, while Areyvut fosters tweens and teens learning about and getting involved in philanthropy, we also promote active volunteering and acts of chesed, like our Mitzvah Clowning program, among other opportunities.

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