More Tips for Putting Together a Mitzvah Project

Posted on March 31, 2011

We have addressed Bnai Mitzvah in the past here and here but the Bnai Mitzvah Handbook at Temple Emanuel in Andover, MA suggests 13 strategies for teens in selecting their projects that we
want to share with you:
1. Read your Torah portion to see how it relates to performing mitzvot.

2. Make a list of your interests-sports, reading music, etc.

3. Make a list of the type of groups you might want to work with-children, senior citizens, the
mentally or physically challenged, animals, etc.

4.Combine your interest with the type of groups you want to work with. For example, a person who likes
art might want to help teach an art class to senior citizens in a nursing home. Be creative!

5.Discuss your ideas with your parents and teachers. They will give you an object view of your plans
and might suggest things you may not have considered.

6. Be realistic about the amount of time you will be able to devote to the project.

7. Find out if you need help in connecting with a specific organization.

8. Make sure that your desire and motivation to volunteer matches the availability and needs of that
particular organization.

9. Develop a project or plan that you’ve thought out carefully and present this in a professional and
appropriate manner, especially when it involves a targeted group or person.

10. Don’t get discouraged if you find that your project needs to be reworked or changed slightly.

11. Finalize the details, such as when and how often you will work, if you can do part of the work at
home, scheduling a location and a date to hold a particular event, and what you might need help with,
among many others.

12. Create an action list in consultation with your parents. Most likely your project will require some
support and assistance from them.

13. Prioritize each item on your action list, and set a completion date for each one. This will give you an
overall timeline for your project.

Please keep in mind that Areyvut is available to help you with all aspects on your Mitzvah Project.

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