LA Here I Come

Posted on January 17, 2011

Even though Areyvut is based in New Jersey we have always had a broad reach. We have impacted many communities including Los Angeles. We have several LA based agencies listed in our database of Mitzvah Projects. We have worked with them and others to help LA Bnai Mitzvah celebrants find meaningful and tailor made Mitzvah Projects that add to their celebration. We have highlighted local teens who have done innovative projects and who have won our Bnai Mitzvah Contest. A number of LA based schools and synagogues have utilized our A Kindness a Day Calendar and participated in “Make a Difference” Day, our National Mitzvah Day.

I will be in Los Angeles next week and welcome the opportunity to meet those of you Areyvut has had the pleasure of working with as well as those of you interested in bringing Areyvut to your school, synagogue or community.

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