Spaced Out!

Posted on August 3, 2009

Today I arrived at work more spaced out than usual. I admit, I am tired, but I tried to shake it off in an effort to welcome Areyvut’s newest intern, Elisheva and to keep on top of things while the “Boss Man” aka Daniel is away. Though I tried my best, I simply could not overcome the feeling of being spaced out, having blank stares while sitting in front of my computer screen and forgetting why I opened documents mere seconds after clicking on them in my folder.

I like to believe that I am not having these spaced out feelings just because Daniel is out of town. In fact, I like to believe that I am just as productive, if not more so (don’t tell him I said that) than when he is here. No, I think it has something to do with Areyvut’s upcoming event taking place at (ironically) Space Odyssey!

Space Odyssey is a giant indoor playspace for children and adults. They have enough things to keep people busy for hours on end. From laser tag to arcade games to glow-in-the-dark bowling to basketball, there simply is no shortage of things to do. In learning more about Space Odyssey, I finally found myself perking up a bit, almost (dare I say) filled with energy, a metaphor I hope will work for the event as well. Space Odyssey was kind and generous enough to donate this massive space to us and now we want to fill it and raise some needed funds for Areyvut. We’ve already “woken up” some awesome sponsors to help us with our cause and thank Chopstix, Sammy’s New York Bagels and Shalom Bombay for their generous contributions.
Interested in attending? Want to learn more? Check out our website…and remember come ready to play!
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