Tzedakah as a Tikkun on Tisha B’Av

Posted on July 29, 2009

A child raises funds for impoverished families in Israel. A class decorates pillowcases for children in nearby hospitals. A community cleans up a local cemetery. Through each act of love, they help build a brighter tomorrow. You have the power to inspire them.

Tomorrow we commemorate the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The Talmud tells us that “Just as the Temple was destroyed through baseless hatred, it will only be rebuilt through baseless love.” It is Areyvut’s mission to encourage such acts of love – locally, nationally, and around the world.

Areyvut reaches out to preteens, teens, and young adults, giving them the power to be and stay socially conscious. By consulting educators in day schools and congregational schools of all denominations, implementing philanthropy programs that engage teens in the act of giving, providing dynamic, one-on-one workshops for children approaching their Bnai Mitzvah and initiating college interns into the field of non-profit management, Areyvut motivates Jewish students to become responsible members of society. These students become ambassadors to their families, synagogues and communities, inspiring others to give of themselves to someone in need.

Through your donation, you can play a tremendous role in ensuring that we are able to sustain these efforts. In recent months, we have:

· Engaged thousands in improving Health and Wellness as our annual “Make a Difference” Day inspired 30 hands on projects throughout the country.
· Welcomed college students from across the country into the Areyvut office for a unique summer internship program.
· Guided students at Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy in Riverdale, NY to create gifts for hospital patients locally and in Israel.
· Initiated several Bnai Mitzvah consultations to encourage families to infuse chesed (kindness) into their celebrations.
· Added a new feature to our website called O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.A.T.I.O.N.S, which highlights organizations that are working hard to make a difference in their communities.
· Launched a blog to highlight Areyvut, our programs and resources.
· Developed a list of 60 ways that people can infuse their summer with chesed on a regular basis.

As we emerge from a year of particular financial hardship, we ask that you help Areyvut’s efforts to make this world a better place. Please make Areyvut a part of your charitable giving this year. You can contribute online.
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