Providing for Others

Genesis 18:8: Abraham stood over them and they did eat.

Moed Katan 9a: There is no happiness without eating and drinking.

Ta'anit 20b: Whoever is in need, let that person come and eat.

Isaiah 58:7: Share your bread with the hungry and take the poor into your home.

Proverbs 9:2,5: She has prepared the feast, provided the win, and also set the table...'Come eat my food and drink the wine I have ready.'

Genesis 24:19: When she had finished drinking, she said, 'Let me draw water for your camels so they can drink their fill.

Samuel II 6:19: (David) distributed to all the people...a loaf of bread, a portion of beef and a container of wine.

Sefer Maalot Hamiddot: When he chances on something to eat, he calls on his fellow to eat with him.  Sometimes he even chooses food and places it before them.

Maimonides, Mishneh Torah Hilchot Issurai Mizbayach 7:11: When you give food a hungry person, give him your best and sweetest food.

Mishnah Sofrim 3:14: We must not eat food disgracefully and we must not throw food from place to place.

Ecclesiastes 5:17: It is good, yea, it is beautiful, to eat and drink and to experience goodness with all his toils under the sun.

Talmud Derech Eretz Zuta 9: Always be happy when you are sitting at your table and those who are hungry are enjoying your hospitality.

Song of Songs 2:3: Under its shadow I delighted to sit, and its fruit was sweet to my taste.

Rav Hai Gaon: Three possessions shall you prize, A field, a friend and a book.

Exodus 25:2: Of every man whose heart prompts him to give you shall take my offering.

Jeremiah 29:7: Seek the peace of the city in which you live, for though its peace you shall have peace.

Rabbi Yisrael Salanter: True salvation can come only to a person who renders service to the community.

Leviticus 19:9-10: And when you reap the harvest in your land, you shall not reap the corners of your field...You shall leave them for the poor and the stranger.

Samuel 1:17: 'Then', said Eli, 'go in peace, and may the G-d of Israel grant you what you have requested.'

Samuel I 22:22: You are under my protection.

Grace After Meals: And may we never lack any good thing.

Psalm 82:4: Rescue the lowly and the needy...

Gittin 61a: We support the non-Jewish poor along with the poor of Israel.

Leviticus 25:35-37: When your brother Israelite is reduced to poverty and cannot support himself in the community, you shall uphold him...

L'Man Achai Prayer: Let me strive after good things for you.