Programs & Fees

Thank you for your interest in Areyvut! We offer a variety of programs geared toward families, schools, synagogues and community centers. We look forward to working with you to help meet your needs.

Individual Bnai Mitzvah Consultation

Areyvut works one-on-one with Bar/Bat Mitzvah students and their families to develop meaningful and fun social action projects that best meets their unique interests. Students complete and submit our individual intake form, and then an Areyvut representative will contact the student and parent(s) to schedule a time to discuss project ideas. Meetings can take place at your home, office, or anywhere that works for you! At that time, we will provide you with a detailed list of personalized project ideas, potential beneficiary or partner agencies, and contact information. Areyvut staff will be there to help you every step of the way- as little or as much as you want! Students working with Areyvut on their Mitzvah project have the opportunity to share their experiences with others by speaking at an Areyvut event and will be acknowledged in our monthly e-newsletter. Think of us as your own personal shopper or party planner for Mitzvah projects!

Cost: suggested donation of $250

Mitzvah Clown Training

Areyvut works with area schools, synagogues, and community center to offer Mitzvah Clown training sessions. Mitzvah Clowns will be taught the art of Mitzvah Clowning by an Areyvut coordinator. Groups will be taught how to apply make-up, create balloon animals, and initiate conversations with others- all much needed skills when it comes to visiting the sick, elderly, and those with special needs. We'll bring the coordinator, supplies, clown kit, and outfits, and you provide the incredible future Mitzvah Clowns!

Cost: starts at $180 per person (supplies included)

Bnai Mitzvah Fairs

Areyvut tailors Bnai Mitzvah fairs to meet the specific needs of schools, synagogues, and community centers. Agency representatives present their missions and volunteer opportunities to students and their families. Students can also participate in hands-on projects, which provide suggestions for chesed projects at their celebration. Below are more detailed descriptions of the two types of fairs:

1. Bnai Mitzvah Volunteer Agency Fair

A Bnai Mitzvah Volunteer Agency Fair helps students and their parents select meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects. At the fair, representatives from local community organizations introduce students to a variety of hands-on on-going volunteer opportunities. An Areyvut representative attends each fair and is available to offer guidance on finding agencies that meet each student's individual interests. Each student will also receive a booklet highlighting the agencies at the fair. Areyvut will work with you to develop the list of organizations that will be invited to the fair.

- A text study session addressing the importance of a Mitzvah project and chesed
- A presentation by a student from the school or local school who has done a unique chesed project
- A brief presentation by an Areyvut staff member about ways to start thinking about a Mitzvah project

Cost: starts at $1,000

2. Bnai Mitzvah Hands-on Projects Fair
A Bnai Mitzah Hands-on Projects Fair gets students and their parents involved in on-site hands-on activities to benefit local community agencies, and provides a chance to learn about community needs and possible volunteer opportunities. At this fair, participants visit various stations that offer hands-on opportunities for them to perform mitzvot that can help others. Areyvut develops a list of potential projects and supplies, recipient agencies, provides any necessary training, plans and implements the program for the host agency, and ensures that the projects get to the appropriate agencies at the conclusion of the program.

Cost: starts at $1,000 (excluding supplies)

Combined Bnai Mitzvah Volunteer Agency and Hands-on Projects Fair

Cost: starts at $1,800 (excluding supplies)

Jewish Teen Philanthropy Program

Areyvut designs Jewish Teen Philanthropy Programs that teach participants the importance of giving, provides them with leadership skills, and the ability to actively make a difference in the world. Programs consist of a cohort who function as a board to allocate money to support local agencies. The group meets for 10 sessions over the course of 5-7 months. During the sessions, teens learn about philanthropy and local communal needs, participate in values clarification exercises, visit local agencies, select causes to fund, volunteer for an agency they have chosen to support, and conclude the program by celebrating their achievements.

Participants are asked to complete an application, which includes a brief essay and meet with the program directors for an interview. Each participant is required to pay a fee, of which at least half of the cost will go directly to benefiting agencies the group has chosen to support. The participants will be required to attend the sessions, additional meetings related to the program as necessary, and may need to do additional work between sessions.

Areyvut can develop and implement curriculum, create and facilitate all aspects of the program. Areyvut will tailor the program to your particular needs. Please contact Daniel Rothner at (201) 244-6702 or to discuss starting a program in your community.


Areyvut offers presentations to help educators and youth workers further incorporate the core Jewish values of chesed, tzedakah, and tikkum olam in their work. Sample presentation topics include:

- A Kindness a Day: 365 Ways to Make the World a Better Place
- Building Connections and Enhancing Commitment to Israel Through Chesed projects
- Celebrate Good Times: Making the World a Better Place During Jewish Holidays
- Transforming the School Community

Cost: starts at $500

National Mitzvah Day

Areyvut's National Mitzvah Day is an opportunity to get children, teens, and adults involved in acts of chesed and social responsibility. Now in its ninth year, Areyvut is pleased to be partnering with Good Deeds Day!

Cost: Free!

For additional information or to schedule a program, please contact Daniel Rothner, Areyvut's Founder and Director, at (201) 244-6702 or