National Mitzvah Day FAQ's

Areyvutís National Mitzvah Day 2016
April 10, 2016

What is the goal of National Mitzvah Day?
The goal of National Mitzvah Day is to have schools, synagogues, families and community organizations dedicate a day to helping others.  We hope this program will help you incorporate chesed (kindness), tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (social action) into your every day life.

When is National Mitzvah Day?
National Mitzvah Day is Sunday, April 10. To ensure that everyone can be included, synagogues, schools and organizations are encouraged to remember that this date is meant as a guideline, and activities undertaken preceding or following the weekend should still register.

Where does National Mitzvah Day take place?
In YOUR community!  National Mitzvah Day is a national effort that takes place everywhere and anywhere around the globe.  To bring National Mitzvah Day to your community, all you need to do is get involved in a community service project on April 10th or let us know of a project that will be taking place at a different time during the year.  Itís that simple. 

How can you participate? 
Schools, synagogues, organizations and individuals are all invited to participate in the program. Each particular setting will determine the best structure or form with which to use the educational materials.  We encourage families, schools, synagogues, organizations and communities that participate to send pictures of their projects and volunteers during National Mitzvah Day to serve as models for future participants.  Pictures can be sent via e-mail to, or shared on our Facebook page.

How can you register?
Registration is simple, just click here.  We invite you to register a project no matter how big or small.  Though registration is not required to participate, we encourage you to register so that we may share your project with others and inspire even more people to get involved. 

How do you decide what to do?
Feel free to browse our educational materials.  Materials include a project planning unit, example activities, Jewish texts related to service-learning, suggestions for follow-up and other educational resources.

How can you help?
We welcome co-sponsors that can assist financially, inform others about the program and participate in National Mitzvah Day. Please contact Daniel Rothner at (201) 244-6702 or via e-mail at for more information. All sponsors will be recognized on the Areyvut website, educational materials and all public relations material.