National Mitzvah Day Educational Resources

The educational materials from National Mitzvah Day contain project ideas, resources and tools that can be used throughout the year.  We hope you will join us in making this year's National Mitzvah Day our most succesful yet!  Click on the links below for ideas that you can implement in your community.

View the educational resources from previous National Mitzvah Days:

- Resources for School, Communities and Families 
2006- Resources for Schools, Communities and Families
2007- Caring for the Sick and Elderly & Feeding the Hungry
2008- Preserving the Environment in partnership with JNF
2009- Health and Wellness
2010- Hunger and Poverty
2011- Building Blocks That Matter
2012- The World is Built on Kindness
2013- Everyday, Every Way
2014 - Inspire our Jewish Youth to Give of Themselves
2016 - Making Our Voices Heard