Jewish Teen Philanthropy

One of Areyvut's most important programs is Jewish Teen Philanthropy.  This unique program brings Jewish teens together for the purpose of learning about charitable giving and philanthropy resulting in the group's allocation of funds to organizations in need.
Jewish Teen Philanthropy programs are so much more than teaching youth about giving.  It's a wonderful way for students to gain leadership skills, work on their teambuilding and come together as one cohesive unit.  Additionally, the organizations that have benefited from these programs are not only appreciative, but also continually update the group on how the money they donated has impacted those they serve.

Past participants in the Jewish Teen Philanthropy program have commented, "...I've learned that kids can do philanthropy too; not only adults..." and, "...I [also] gained an understanding of how lucky I am to have what I need."
Areyvut is proud to bring this type of innovative programming to local schools and community centers.  To learn more about Jewish Teen Philanthropy and how to bring it to your community, please contact us at (201) 244-6702 or